Bellamente podcast Eng

Bellamente podcast Eng


From a young age, we are bombarded with countless images conveying the same narrative: a woman’s success is determined by how closely her body aligns with the hegemonic ideal of beauty. Her interests are often limited to motherhood, heterosexual relationships, fashion, the gym, and cooking.

Research conducted as part of the #Mostremos campaign by Dove reveals that 80% of women in Argentina do not feel represented by what they see in the media.

In the Bellamente podcast, we engage in conversations with various women and non-binary individuals to collectively deconstruct the narrative that images present about how we should be and break free from the stereotypes that don’t represent us.

We invite you to join us in dismantling the limited concept of beauty, one episode at a time!

Host: Cande Yatche

Creative Direction: Amanda Trosman

Editing: Ezequiel Tarica.

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