Bodyright – Your body belongs to you.

Bodyright – Your body belongs to you.

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In 2022, with the support of UNFPA Argentina, we developed a comprehensive program for the prevention of gender-based digital violence. Through various communication materials, we aimed to raise awareness about the issue and its impact on mental health. The audiovisual content was shared in more than 10 media outlets throughout the country and reached over 600,000 people.

The program included:

– Design and delivery of training workshops on the topic to young leaders in Córdoba, Tucumán, and Chaco. Four workshops were conducted, reaching 104 young people with the training and didactic tools to replicate the workshops in their respective areas.

– Establishment of an advisory youth council with a federal and intersectional perspective, comprised of 8 young activists from 6 provinces of the country.

– Development of a guide on the subject by the youth council.



Gianna Agostina Mastrolinardo


Activist for the rights of people with disabilities. Advocates in Orgullo disca and Tinkunaco – La Bisagra. Writes on social media under the pseudonym @plumalibree. Studying Political Science and Sociology at FCS-UNC.

Lucas Grimson


Activist for youth rights and the LGBTIQA+ community. Activist in Desarmemos and student movement. Member of the Directorate of Adolescence and Youth.

María Florencia Alegre

Santa Fé

Fat activist, plus-size model, content creator, and writer.

Emmanuel Benjamín Pincheira


Activist for youth in Neuquén at Jóvenes Promotores de Salud (Youth Health Promoters).

Alex Llamazares

Buenos Aires

Activist for the rights of the transgender community and bisexual visibility in EsConEsi and DiversidadAsap.

Nadia Shapiro

Tierra del Fuego

Activist for LGBTIQA+ rights and body diversity at the Gender and Diversity Secretariat of the City of Río Negro.

Micaela Gomez


Activist for mental health and rights promotion in Convergente-Divergente, Fundación Tramarte.

Lucila Lendner

Buenos Aires

Activist for Body Diversity and Mental Health at Fundación Bellamente.


– The Bellamente community was called upon to participate in this communication campaign by anonymously sharing their experiences through audio recordings regarding the topic of Digital Violence.

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