June 2nd: World Eating Disorders Action Day

June 2nd: World Eating Disorders Action Day


It starts with a diet. Where does it end? (2023)

How many different diets have we seen throughout our lives? How many have we tried? At what age? For how long did we sustain them? How did we feel before, during, and after? We know where diets begin. But where do they end?

Numerous studies demonstrate that diets play a significant role in triggering and maintaining anorexia and bulimia nervosa (Abraham & Beumont, 1982; Agras & Kirkley, 1986; Davis, Freeman, & Garner, 1988; Garfinkel & Garner, 1982; Johnson & Connors, 1987; Polivy & Herman, 1985, 1987; Polivy, Herman, Olmsted, & Jazwinski, 1984; Rosen, Tacy, & Howell, 1990; Russell, 1979; Vanderheyden, Fekken, & Boland, 1988; Williamson, 1990).

Just as ten years ago we encountered thousands of magazine covers recommending diets, today we scroll through social media and come across dietary recommendations from influencers, models, artists… Every body is different, and our nutritional needs also vary, depending on our genetics, lifestyle, habits, and values. Information overload or misinformation? Unverified dietary suggestions can be very harmful. It is important that when we want to change our diet, we do so with guidance from professionals who take an integral approach to health.

If we want to prevent eating disorders, we need to dismantle the diet culture that pressures us to lose weight at any cost.

Behind a Body (2022)

On June 2nd, 2022, as part of the Eating Disorder Action Day, we launched a campaign called «Behind a Body.» The campaign aims to raise awareness by sharing personal stories of individuals from the Bellamente community who have experienced eating disorders.

We are making a call to action to stop pressuring individuals based on their appearance. As stated in this testimonial, let’s fight for ourselves, for those who are going through this, and for prevention.

What if we stopped making comments about other people’s bodies? (2020)

What if the images we see in everyday life were not digitally retouched? What if industries stopped profiting from our insecurities? And what if the media focused on talking about people rather than bodies? What if there was no bullying in schools or aesthetic discrimination at nightclub entrances? What if we were taught from an early age that all bodies are valid, all bodies are desirable? What if we were valued for our talents rather than our physical appearance? What if we understood that when we become obsessed with exercise or diet, they cease to be healthy habits? What if everyone could find clothing in their size? And what if we stopped making comments about other people’s bodies? Let’s share this message. It’s up to us to make a change.

A Room Without Prejudices (2019)

Bellamente Photo Shoot on June 2nd – World Eating Disorders Action Day. Bellamente invited their followers over the age of 18 to participate in this experience, where images related to overexertion, obsession with food, the need for approval from others, and more were projected onto their bodies.

These issues were captured in photographs and shared on social media and various media outlets.

Art: @amanda.trosman

Photography and editing: @maleshab

Listen to Your Inner Self (2018)

Listen to your inner self; it is constantly giving you clues. It’s a tiny and subtle voice.

Don’t try to be someone else, and you will become a unique individual.


Risking everything to be true to oneself: that is the challenge. Breaking patterns, choosing our own path. Unlearning ideals, overcoming obsession. An individual challenge, a social responsibility.

Let’s build a society that thinks less about changing its body and more about changing the world.

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 Luciana Fuks, Pablo D’Alo Abba, and @maleshab
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