Recalculating: Do you need assistance?

Recalculating: Do you need assistance?


Eating Disorders are a problem that affects people across the country. However, there is often a lack of information to identify them and seek help. That’s why we developed Recalculating: Do you need assistance? in 2021, with the support of the Ministry of Health. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about eating disorders and included the following:

  • A nationwide mapping of public and private healthcare centers specialized in eating disorders.
  • guide with recommendations for prevention, early detection, and support for someone going through an eating disorder.
  • Various communication materials related to the topic were published on Instagram, raising awareness and providing information about the issue.


These materials were developed as part of one of the winning initiatives of the Adolescent and Youth Comprehensive Health Promotion Project Contest, with the support of: [Please provide the specific names or organizations that supported the project.

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