We want to be represented

We want to be represented

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This campaign arose from observing the advertisements of various mainstream Argentine brands during the Summer 2021 season, where the lack of representation of body diversity remains a social issue.

The fashion industry continues to highlight traditional beauty stereotypes that do not reflect the general reality of the population, perpetuating a culture of thinness, the mandate of eternal youth, erasing ethnic diversity, and disregarding functional diversities.

How would fashion look if it included all of us? That question led us to select photos from current campaigns to contrast them with 13 individuals with body types that are not typically represented in magazines, advertisements, or on the streets.

Activists and models joined forces to raise their voices with this message: To the millions of Argentines who do not fit the idealized body imposed by fashion… #WeWantToBeRepresented.

Our mission is to offer constructive criticism to the fashion industry, shedding light on the body types that are left out and highlighting the impact that the lack of representation has on self-esteem and identity formation, resulting in negative consequences for our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

It is important to emphasize that the criticism is not directed towards bodies that conform to societal norms, but rather towards the lack of representation in this field. It is time to start talking about diverse bodies because we are all real.

While sporadic campaigns featuring different models have emerged in recent years, when we visit brands’ online stores, we still encounter a lack of size diversity, with the entire catalog being showcased by hegemonic models. It is crucial for us to understand that body diversity is not a passing trend. Trends come and go, but body diversity is a social struggle that is here to stay.

Technical Specifications
General direction: @candeyatche y @amanda.trosman 
Creative direction: @fuko.galeria
Photography: @lolilaboureau 
Video edition: @abrill.jpg
Photography assistance: @mairalizetdiaz
Models: @brenda.mato @beltran_h @louisyupanqui @iriniiliopulu @jenniferpaarker_ @cami.del.campo @taymouracosta @davidangelgudino @miukidelapipol @mairalizetdiaz #MarisaFresco @juanirodrigueza

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