Workshops and Educational Sessions


WORKSHOPS AND Educational Sessions

We conduct internal training cycles and provide trainings to companies, organizations, and institutions to engage in conversations about body, sexual, and gender diversity.

"That Bellamente was present at Grupo Atlántida's offices marked a before and after. It changed the way of thinking, now thinking is different."

"Working with Bellamente was a highly enriching experience for all Puig employees. Discussing and debating gender and body diversity in our industry is extremely important, and thanks to the Bellamente team, we were able to do so in a framework of great respect."

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Since 2019, we have been carrying out the Dejando Huella program in collaboration with Dove Argentina, where we provide free workshops to teachers and teenagers to unlearn beauty myths and strengthen their self-esteem.

To date, the program has reached 90,000 people in 20 provinces across the entire national territory.